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message series: Present & past

Be Anxious For Nothing


When you can’t take it anymore, when you have reached the end of your rope and anxiety fills your life, it is easy to make a lot of mistakes. 

This week we are going to learn from the prophet Elijah as God whispers to him, and to us:  Be anxious for nothing. 

February 23 - Week 1

"When You Can't Take It Anymore"

Bring Them to Me


As we read through the Bible, we find Jesus to be the most accepting of those who are broken, hurt, afraid, struggling, etc. He taught, healed and fed with tireless love as He continually declared His Lordship over all saying, “Do you have something that is too big (or too little) for you? Bring it to Me.”

 February 16

Find Your Passion


It is hard to think of Jesus as a baby, born of Mary, but even harder to think of Jesus growing up as children do. Our Lord grew and became strong not only in body as a man but in wisdom and the favor of His heavenly Father who sent Him. He is a pattern of our own call to grow up into Christ, our Head, leaving behind the childish ways of unbelief and rebellion, and learning the path of faith and obedience from Him. - Pastor Barkett

Week 1: January 5 - "Do Good"

Week 2: January 12 "Go Deeper"

Week 3: January 19 "It's Personal"

Week 4: January 26 "Never Lose Your Why"

Week 5: February 2 "Costly Consistency"

Week 6: "Walk In Him"

Stranger Things "The Art of Making Disciples"


 It is easy to feel intimidated, inadequate or ill-equipped to be a part of God’s mission to make disciples of all nations. But the book of Acts says Jesus’ disciples were just like us, ordinary men and women who became world-changers through Him (Acts 4:13). He took them with Him and, along the way, they gained real experience in the art of disciple-making. We will be looking at how Jesus calls us to notice people. - Pastor Barkett

Week 1: October 13 - "Notice People"

Week 2: October 20 - "Listen"

Week 3: October 27 - "Curiosity"

Week 4: November 3 - "You're Welcome"

Week 5: November 10 - "Generosity - Vol. 1"

Week 6: November 17 - "Generosity  2.0"


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