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upcoming sermon series sept. 15, 22, 29


Pop Quizzes - Three Tests of Our Faith Revealed Through the Life of Abraham


When I was in school, I learned that it's wise to prepare for tests. The tests that I did best on were the tests where the teachers gave the questions in advance. Open book types. But some teachers want to know if you have really learned the material so the give you pop quizzes; unexpected and unwanted tests.

Life before God is filled with tests, Circumstances pop up the test our faith. We can’t avoid these tests – all believers face them. We can’t know the timing of these tests – the come at us unexpectedly.

But we can better prepare for their coming.  

We bring before you a sermon series entitled Pop quizzes – Three Tests of Our Christian Faith. 

Revealed though the Life of Abraham. Abraham, in his lifetime, went through three major tests and, although our circumstances will vary, we will go through these three tests at some point in your lives. 

The point of this series is to discuss how to better prepared for them. The following is the overview:

Sept. 15: Test #1:  Facing Major Change  Heb. 11:8-10  Gen. 12:1-7; Gen. 13 & 14,

Sept. 22: Test #2:  Coping with Impossible Odds   Heb. 11:11-12 Gen. 17-18, 21: 1- 6

Sept. 29: Test #3:  Working Through Catastrophe  Heb. 11:17-19  Gen.  22:1-19

In these series we learn more about the man Abraham and the three kinds of tests he faced. They revealed to us the kind of tests we face. But more importantly we will seek God’s instruction to us on how to better deal with them when they come. May God bless us for in this time of preparation.

Pastor Mark Beyer 

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