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Bible Lands Cruise September 2019



Holy Land Bible Cruise - September 16-29, 2019

15 days in  Greece, Italy, Malta & The Holy Land with a Rome Tour Option

Get all the details by clicking on the picture above. Questions? Contact Linda Campbell, Admin. Asst. at admin@ctknp.com or for reservation and cruise questions please call EO Tours directly at 800-247-0017.  Note:  When registering, Timothy Barkett will be listed as Host, and the ID# is 58396.

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bible study - all ages welcome

Unshakable Hope - Max Lucado Bible Study

Join us in our Max Lucado "Unshakable Hope" Bible study focused on getting our encouragement and hope from the promises of God.  The study is being offered during the day and evening.  You can choose either time, whatever is convenient each week.  As we explore this series together, we get to know one another a bit more and about God a whole lot more! His promises are something we can build our lives on! 

2nd Session

Tuesday 11AM

April 30-June 4 

Wednesday 7PM

May 8-June 5

Please join in anytime . Each week there will be a DVD shown and discussion from the reading and study guide.

Materials Cost

Two books: Unshakable Hope and Unshakable Hope Study Guide. Books vary in price but on average cost is $12-16 for the hardcover and $8-10 for the study guide (recommended to facilitate deeper study). Total cost for both books is approximately $30. You do not have to buy the books to attend but they are recommended (at least the hardcover book). Scholarships are available on request. Please submit request to Linda Campbell, Admin.

Order Options

www.amazon.com and www.christianbooks.com are good resources for ordering. Please remember to use Amazon Smile and support the church and preschool.

Need Help?

Email admin@ctknp.com if you need help purchasing the books or need help with the ordering process.

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"People are dying from the lack of hope. What if we filtered our lives and our challenges through the promises of God? 

"The circumstances of life or the promises of God upon which are you standing?"

"Life doesn't turn out like we expect it to and hope is often in short supply. It's then that we have to decide what we will place our hope in. With pastoral care and the heart of a friend, Max points us back to the only lasting source of hope, the promises of God. This is a must-read for anyone struggling with purpose, wrestling with despair, or losing trust." - Mark Batterson, Author of The Circle Maker.  



If you would like to contribute to Manna Conejo Valley Food Bank, here is a list of items they currently need. 

You may also visit their website by clicking on the button below. 

Please bring your items this Sunday and put them in the blue shopping cart 

located in the church entryway or front of the church outside. Thank you! 

1. Condiments – Ketchup – Mustard -Salad dressing – Mayonnaise

2. Canned Red / Kidney Bean

3. Canned Pinto Beans

4. Canned Spaghetti – Ravioli

5. Canned Fruit

6. Pancake Mix

7. Baking Goods – Flour – Sugar – Cake/Cookie Mixes

8. Canned Baked Beans – Refried Beans

9. Canned Soup – Vegetable – Beef Barley

10.  Fresh Eggs

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