Christ the King CALENDAR


No upcoming events.


If you would like to contribute to Manna Conejo Valley Food Bank, 

here is a list of items they currently need. 

You may also visit their website by clicking on the button below. 

Please bring your items this Sunday and put them in the blue shopping cart 

located in the church entryway or front of the church outside. Thank you! 


1. Cold Cereal – any kind

2. Uncooked Rice

3. Baking Items – Cookie/Cake Mix – Sugar – Flour

4. Canned Tuna/Chicken

5. Condiments – Mustard, Ketchup, Salad Dressing

6. Crackers/Cookies

7. Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate

8. Pancake Mix

9. Canned Pasta

10.  Flavored Rice



Contact Jonny Papa for more information on upcoming events, music lessons, or just to find out more about what Music Makers is all about or about Jonny's background in the music world and his enthusiasm for music in worship and his love for Jesus!

We had lots of fun this summer making music with participants from age 6-15! 

Jonny's energy and love for music and Jesus is contagious!  

 Music touches our lives in so many ways and helps with connecting us to others and to our Lord in worship!  

Contact Jonny Papa at for more information.