Middle School Ministry

Encounter Bible Study 6-8 Grade


 We want Middle School youth to encounter the Living God and the best way to do that is to study God's Word 

in a fun and engaging way.
When: Sundays 4pm-5pm
(right after Confirmation Class Sundays 3pm-3:50pm)
Where: Christ the King Lutheran

 Youth Room
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Confirmation (youth in 6 grade and up) 

A new Confirmation Class will be starting Sunday, September 16, and will meet  in the Youth Room from 3-3:50PM on Sundays. 

For more information or to sign up for Confirmation contact Bonnie Hicks at Bonniehicks@ctknp.com or call at 805-498-2217.

What is  Confirmation?

The Lutheran Church is highly committed to Biblical education for children, youth and adults. The foundation of that educational process is often called among us "Confirmation." We call it "Confirmation" because our goal is to "confirm" . . .

1.  The certainty of our hope for eternal life with God.
2.  Our teachings, beliefs and values with the Bible.
3.  Our actions to be increasingly consistent with our intellectual understanding of Biblical truth.
4.  Our God-given faith now expressed by our personal testimony.
5.  Our participation in the local church and the entire Christian community.
6.  Our mission by engaging intentionally in service (ministry) which tells others of our hope in Jesus Christ.
7.  Our life-long commitment to follow Jesus Christ (discipleship) together with His body, the Church.

Again, youth in 6 grade or higher are welcome to attend Confirmation.

  It is a two year, weekly class. 
Classes begin Mid-September each year.

Contact Bonnie Hicks for more information at Bonniehicks@ctknp.com

Chaos 2019 Jr. High District Youth Gathering


Understanding Teenage Brains- Mark Oestreicher

 In what ways might teenagers uniquely reflect the Imago Dei, the  doctrine that asserts humans are made in the image of God? Our hope is that when we understanding  the uniqueness of adolescent development (which really means  understanding teenage brains), we can help them grow in their faith