Older Wiser Learning Seniors

Purpose and Mission


We meet to continue to learn and recall Christian history, Biblical knowledge, and current events that impact senior life style including health and financial challenges.  We encourage and support participation in the general activities and ministry of the congregation. 

2020 OWLS Activity Schedule


         OWLS meet every 2nd Wednesday of each month at Noon in the Youth Room unless otherwise specified.

Pastor Tim is leading the group through a video series called "Drive By History - Footsteps of Paul." 


Feb. 12 - Youth Room 

March 12 - Youth Room 

What we do during a gathering...


  • Lunch
  • Topic Presentation
  • Social Interaction
  • Hands-on Activities

How we serve the Church...


  • Welcome Visitors
  • Support with Prayer 
  • Send Cards (Sick, Birthday, Sympathy, etc.)
  • Share God's love through community events